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About Foothills Brass Society

The Foothills Brass was founded in 1981 and the Foothills Brass Society was established in 1982 as a non-profit society. Our Mission is to sponsor and facilitate education in, and appreciation of, music.

Foothills Brass Quintet is a group of highly accomplished and versatile musicians from across North America. Founded in 1981 in Calgary, Alberta, this superb Canadian quintet is dedicated to exceptional artistic presentation, meaningful educational activities, and innovative leadership in the artistic community. A Yamaha performing ensemble, Foothills Brass presents up to 200 events each year in concert halls, universities, classrooms and cathedrals. We are SERIOUS FUN!

An Accomplished Ensemble

Foothills Brass has produced six CDs to date, the most recent; “Stampede!” was released in late 2008.

Principal accomplishments of the Quintet include touring of all Canadian provinces, the Yukon, and NWT, and tours through much of the United States. Other international tours have taken Foothills Brass as far as Israel. They were featured guests in the “Canada in the City” festival sponsored by the Canada High Commission, and at the first annual Covent Garden Festival, both in London, England.

Extensive Repertoire

Foothills Brass has built its reputation around an eclectic repertoire, which enhances an audience’s ability to appreciate and understand music. The ensemble has an established tradition of balancing well-known with unfamiliar repertoire. Canadian works are routinely included, encouraging audiences to become better acquainted with the artistry of Canada. Canadian composers Shelton Brooks, Herbert Clarke, Quentin Doolittle Malcolm and Forsyth are featured, as well as commissioned work from Canadian composers Stewart Grant, John Stetch, and Tobin Stokes.

Global Reach

Foothills Brass serves diverse geographical communities from Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, to the United States and overseas. The ensemble is known and highly appreciated for its readiness to tour the many somewhat geographically remote locations in Canada and the US.

Successful Collaborations

Foothills Brass plays a vital role in the local Calgary arts community. The Quintet has been and continues to be featured as guest artists with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and the University of Calgary Symphonic Band, and often collaborates with other local and touring artists to bring music of the highest caliber to its home audience.


Foothills Brass presents an annual concert series for the Calgary community, and annually visits up to 100 local schools presenting concerts and residency programs which include learning resources and student involvement to educate young people and to build their commitment to music, especially Canadian Music. The annual Solo Brass Competition provides an opportunity for young Calgary area brass musicians to compete and then to perform in a concert presented by the Foothills Brass. On a broader basis, Foothills Brass plays a significant role in the larger Canadian arts community by presenting works with a distinctive Canadian flare, including original works for brass, and works which reflect our Western heritage.

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