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Board of Directors

The mission of the Foothills Brass Society is to sponsor and facilitate education in, and appreciation of, music.

Foothills Brass is dedicated to exceptional artistic presentation, meaningful educational activities, and innovative leadership in the artistic community.


The Board hosts monthly meetings to facilitate its activities and an Annual General Meeting for all society members. Members provide input in marketing, visioning, structure, and planning for the Calgary Concert Series, amongst other activities.

Organizational Structure

Foothills Brass Society is registered in Alberta through the Societies act, and with the Canadian government as a registered charity. The society is maintained by a board of directors currently standing at five members. The Artistic Director is directly accountable to the board for all artistic activities of the Foothills Brass Quintet and other possible ensembles. Members of the Quintet are engaged on a per-service basis as individual contractors.


The Society hires administrative assistance and consultants as required. Volunteers are engaged to assist with marketing, concert presentation, fundraising and other activities from time to time.


Foothills Brass Society Annual General Meeting takes place in early June. A board retreat often takes place in the Fall. The Board meets six to eight times per year.  Committee meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis. Committees include:

  • Financial and Administration;

  • Marketing;

  • Sales; and

  • Volunteer.


Board members are encouraged to attend Calgary concerts and support fundraising endeavours such as the casino.

Join the Board

For further information, or to express your interest in getting involved with Foothills Brass, please contact:


Marion McMullen, Board Chair


Please feel free to contact Marion if you would like to attend an upcoming board meeting as an observer.

Board of Directors

Marion McMullen, Board Chair

Trudy Fossey, Vice-Chair

Kenneth Park, Treasurer

JoAnne Collins, Secretary

Maritza Sanchez, Director

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