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Our Members

The Quintet is comprised of accomplished musicians who apply the highest artistic standards to their work and who believe in creating points of connection with their audiences.

Foothills Brass has seen many excellent musicians throughout the years, with some members actively involved for over 30 years. The ensemble tends to consist of 5-7 members at a time.

Member List

Chris Morrison,* Trumpet  1980

Rosalle Morrison,* French Horn  1980

Sherman Montgomery, Trumpet   1980

Kai Poscente, Trombone   1980

John Warkentin, Trombone   1982

Art Lapp, Tuba   1982

Roy Macdonald, Trumpet   1984

Ian Mackintosh, Tuba   1984

Dave Foley,* Trumpet   1985

James Pfeiffer, Trombone   1986

Kevin Thompson, Trombone   1989

Jean-François Cotnoir,* Tuba   1989

Brian Sand, Trumpet   1991

Mike Thomson, Trombone   1992

Paul Beauchesne, Tuba   1993

Shawn Spicer, Trumpet   1996

Phil Seguin, Trumpet   1996

Kenton McPeek, Tuba   1997

Jay Michalak,* Trumpet   2001

Paul Beauschesne, Tuba   2001

Ben Perrier, Trombone   2002

Keith Hartshorn-Walton,* Tuba   2005

Mike Tutton, Trombone   2008

Bob Nicholsonn, Tuba   2008

Joanna Schulz, French Horn   2009

Catie Hickey,* Trombone   2010

Carsten Rubeling,* Trombone   2012

Derrick Milton,* Trumpet   2012

*presently active

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