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Concert Etiquette for Kids

Here are some things to think about when you see Foothills Brass in your school!

  • Look around for the performers. Where are we hiding? If you clap loud enough when you hear “Please welcome Foothills Brass Quintet” we just might appear and play our beautiful brass instruments for you!

  • The BEST way to show that you enjoyed our music is to clap your hands – the more you clap, the more you show how much you liked the music. It’s very exciting, but remember to listen closely and don’t talk to your neighbour.

  • We in Foothills Brass do lots of silly things in our performances. We love the sound of laughter as much as we love the sound of clapping.

  • In our concerts, we sometimes look for a brave young volunteer from the audience. If you raise your hand, you might get the chance to join us at the front and make music with us.

  • Near the end of the concert, we sometimes take a few minutes to answer your questions. Think of some questions during the concert, and be sure to raise your hand when asked! Listen closely as the question being asked might be the same as your question.

  • When the concert is finished ask yourself these questions: which song did you like the most? Which instrument was your favourite? Would you like to play an instrument from the brass family when you grow up?

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